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Delivery FAQs

What if I don't have reliable internet access or a computer that meets the minimum requirements?

Recorded lectures can be made available on CD-ROMs or DVDs if you are registered for a distance and/or library course in the current semester and need CD-ROMs/DVDs instead of online access due to Internet connectivity problems or other issues. The CD-ROMS/DVDs will be provided to you at no additional cost; however, if it's a live distance course and you would like the CD-Roms/DVDs to be shipped to you, you will be charged the shipping costs. CD-ROMs do not need to be returned.

When will I receive access to my courses?

All students registered for a distance course will automatically be given access to online course lectures. Access to the course lecture portal is available the first day of the semester. Recorded lectures are uploaded to the portal within 24 hours after the lecture has been taught on main campus. Access to Library Courses that have been recorded in previous semesters will be available the week the semester begins. Please note that only the lectures for the first 2/3 of the course are posted/available at the start of the term. The last 1/3 will be ready to view by mid term. Access to the course lectures is only available until the end of the semester for which you are registered.  Students will receive directions on how to download the current semester's lectures so they can view them beyond the end of the semester.

What other tools will I access for course materials?

Most instructors use the Desire 2 Learn (D2L) course management tool. This tool contain course materials, asynchronous discussion, assignments, a grade book, course calendar, and other features utilized by the instructors. There are no additional fees to access this tool. Contact your instructor to determine which course management tool he/she uses if not stated in the course syllabus. 

How do I know if my course offers the opportunity to join live?

Some courses offer the ability to participate from a distance with in-class lectures via Zoom or BlueJeans.  This will be noted in the Course Page.

Who has access to recorded lectures?

Students registered for a distance course

Students who are registered for a distance course through Be Boulder Anywhere will automatically have access to view their course lectures via the Internet (streaming/downloading). CD-ROMs can be made available by special request.

Individuals not registered for a distance course

If you are a main campus student and you are registered for a course that is being recorded and offered for distance students, you will have access to the recorded lectures that distance students receive. However, in some courses, instructors deny this access for main campus students. This decision is up to the instructor's discretion and is not Be Boulder Anywhere's decision.

Individuals who are not registered for a distance or a main campus course that is being recorded, but would like to gain access to the course may do so for a fee. Click here to view the cost and how to purchase a course.

Students previously registered for a distance course

If you are finishing an incomplete grade for a distance course from a previous semester and need access to the recorded lectures for that course, send us an e-mail. Provide the following information: full name, course number, course title, semester you took the course, and reason for access (completing an incomplete grade). Access permitted is only for the course that was recorded for the semester for which the student was enrolled in the course. If access is needed for another semester the course was recorded or is being recorded, permission from the instructor is needed. E-mail us the permission from the instructor.

If you are requesting access because you lost your recordings or do not have them downloaded to your computer after the semester ended, the access fee applies.

What do I do if I don't see my recordings within 24 hours after class has ended?

Press the refresh button on your browser, if they still do not appear, e-mail us.


What do I do if I can't see the instructor video on a recording?

We understand that it may not be very intuitive, but you must click the title of the lecture to view the full content (not the Quicktime or music/MP3 icon on the right). If you are using Mac OSX, then install Silverlight 4 or higher.

What are the Course Library/Library Courses?

At the beginning of the semester, Be Boulder Anywhere will send each faculty member teaching courses via distance education a form to complete seeking their permission to include their course in our virtual Library.

Courses are added to the Course Library after each semester and they are available for sale to government, industry, other academic institutions. Revenue generated from Course Library sales is shared with instructors and/or their department based on the compensation agreement.

Students can enroll in courses from the library for credit with permission from the instructor. If that permission is granted, we will enroll the student for the appropriate semester, give the student online access to the course lectures, email the student any handouts or instructor notes, collect tuition, and pay the instructional share. The student will work directly with the instructor (similar to an independent study) for the duration of the semester to complete assignments and exams. Requirements and dates for all assignments and exams will be set by the instructor and communicated to the student. At the conclusion of the semester, the instructor will submit a grade for the student online.

Each recorded course will be maintained in the Course Library and will be updated each time it is taught again through Be Boulder Anywhere. Courses are generally removed from the Course Library when they are older than five years. However, if at any time, the instructor determines that the course has become outdated, we will remove the course from our inventory at their direction. Should the instructor leave the University, their course(s) will be removed from the Course Library.

How are lectures delivered?

The primary delivery method for distance course is via the Internet (downloading/streaming). To successfully stream or download, your computer, browser, and Internet connection need to meet certain minimum requirements.

What are the minimum requirements of my computer to access lectures?

  • Intel or AMD Processor 1Ghz or higher (1.8Ghz or higher for OSX).
  • 512 MB of RAM or more.
  • Windows XP SP2 or greater, OSX 10.4.8 or greater.
  • Internet Explorer is not recommended, instead please use Firefox 23 or higher, or Google Chrome
  • Safari 3 or higher
  • Silverlight 4 or higher and Flash 10 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 11 (Windows platforms only)
  • 56 Kbps Dial-up for audio only, 512 Kbps or faster DSL/Cable connection for video.
  • Outgoing TCP Ports 8080, 1935, 80, 443, 1755 to &

Linux is not officially supported but has been known to work with Firefox 3.x, Moonlight 2, & Flash 10.  We will provide Linux technical support on a case-by-case basis.

MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks) is not currently supported by Echo 360.

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