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Value to You

Fall 2014 ITP Grads

When you choose a graduate engineering program, make sure it’s one where you will have a lot of engagement with professors who are both PhDs and working professionals, so you get the real-live pulse. Consider whether its curriculum is highly integrated and comprehensive, combining technology, policy, and business, so you get all the skills you need. See if it offers a lab-rich environment so you have real-world application. Choose a program that can help you become a multi-faceted professional so that you can learn to manage and navigate the intense and rapidly changing area of communication networks.

Competitive. To earn an ITP degree, you’ll take more courses in business, economics, and policy than comparable programs offer. You’ll gain a broader view of how technology fits into today’s world, and graduate ready to lead in your chosen field.

Collaborative. Our telecom, wireless, and security labs are hubs for hands-on research and training with peers, faculty, and industry partners. You can work on critical issues like network virtualization, Wi-Fi, and network security issues in the cloud.

Compelling. If you choose to deepen your area of specialty even further, you can earn a PhD in Telecom, or combine the ITP degree with Law (JD).

Technologies and industries are emerging quickly and career opportunities are evolving. Our curriculum meets the demands of the most dynamic business sectors, such as telecom, broadband applications Internet-based businesses, ecommerce, finance, medical, and more.

If you would like to talk with your ITP graduate advisor, or with current students, faculty, or alumni, then send an email to Elizabeth Golder, Deputy Director and Graduate Advisor.