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Program Overview

Expand your career by mastering not only the latest technologies associated with the Internet, but also the business skills and policy knowledge essential to achieving success in the companies driving today’s rapidly changing high-tech world. Within the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP), you can develop expertise in leading-edge specialties such as network and wireless engineering, network security, and telecom policy—by gaining hands-on experience in our world-class labs working with state-of-the-art technologies.

Students admitted into our master’s program apply to pursue an area of specialization in one of four exciting tracks offering focused graduate study in some of the most sought-after areas in the broadband arena.

Beginning Fall 2015, choose among one of five tracks:

Network Engineering Track

Do you love to design, build, and provide ongoing support of local area and wide area networks for companies or organizations? If so, then the Network Engineering Track will develop your technical skills with classes and labs that challenge and extend your experience on the latest networking technologies.

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Network Security Track

Protecting access and the information stored in computer systems has never been more important. The Network Security Track provides students hands-on lab experiences developing and testing the effectiveness of new cybersecurity solutions.

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Wireless Networking Track

The rate of innovation in wireless networks based on LTE and WiFi technologies is unprecedented. The Wireless Networking Track gives students the opportunity to setup and operate mobile and wireless local area networks in the lab.

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Telecom Policy Track

Are you an engineer who wants to expand your horizons in business, economics, and public policy to develop your strategic planning skills? Are you someone without a technical degree who has always loved Internet or telecom technologies and wants to gain an interdisciplinary degree to gain professional training in these technologies in order to help your career? If so, then the Telecom Policy Track is a perfect fit.

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Open Option Track

Is flexibility really important to you? Do you want to explore a variety of telecom electives without committing to a specific area of expertise? The Open Option Track is designed for students like you, and you can even decide to transition to another track after beginning your studies.

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With world-class faculty in network protocols and routing, economics, and public policy, ITP provides students a unique opportunity to join the telecommunications industry. If one of these tracks appeals to your career interests, decide now to pursue a Master of Science in Telecommunications or a Doctorate of Philosophy in ITP, or to enroll in individual graduate courses or pursue a certificate.

Dual Degree and Concurrent Degree Options

Check out the Dual Degree page if you are a graduate student interested in combining a master’s degree in ITP with a law degree or an MBA, or a Master’s of Engineering through the Engineering Management Program at CU-Boulder. If you are an undergrad student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, you may be interested in gaining an master’s degree in ITP along with your Computer Science or Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering degree at CU-Boulder.