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Energy Communication Networks

Is an Energy Communication Networks Certificate right for you?
  • Position yourself to take advantage of opportunities in the fast-changing energy industry, as a leader who understands networking, wireless, and security in the energy context
  • Gain the fundamentals of communication systems, data communications, energy systems, and smart grid technologies
  • Study the smart grid in detail, including cybersecurity and the control challenges of integrating renewable energy sources into the smart grid
  • Develop critical competencies in 12 - 18 months
  • Courses delivered both on campus and online
  • Graduate credit earned can apply toward a Master's in Telecommunications or a Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Interaction with an industry-diverse and world-wide student body
Required Courses (12 Credit Hours): 

TLEN 5310: Telecommunications Systems

TLEN 5330: Data Communications 1

TLEN 5580: Energy Communication Networks

ECEN 5107: Electric Power Grid

Students who have advanced experience in one or more of these classes may make substitutions as noted below. ECN certificate students must receive substitution approval in advance.

Substitutes for TLEN 5310:

TLEN 5350: Commercial Spaceflight Operations & Communications
TLEN 5510: Wireless and Cellular Communications
TLEN 5520: Wireless LANs
TLEN 5560: Wireless Systems Lab

Substitutes for TLEN 5330:

TLEN 5410: Network Management and Operations
TLEN 5430: Data Communications 2
TLEN 5460: Telecommunications Lab
TLEN 5530: Applied Network Security
TLEN 5540: Network Security Lab
TLEN 5550: Computer and Network Security
TLEN 5570: IP Network Design (Classroom Only)

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