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Computer and Network Security

Are you interested in learning more about the field of network security before entering the ITP Master's Degree program? The Network Security Certificate is a set of courses that will help you gain expertise in security topics ranging from technical to legal procedures. Up to nine ITP Master's credits earned while pursuing a certificate are transferable for students admitted to the MS program.

Is the Network Security Certificate right for you?

  • Learn in detail how networks work and how users behave on the network
  • Gain expertise on how to protect networks—a process that includes behavioral, economic, and policy understanding
  • Become fluent in security topics ranging from technical theory to legal procedures
  • Take coursework that is certified to meet all CNSS training standards for INFOSEC Professionals (NSTISSI No. 4011) and System Administrators (CNSSI No. 4013 Entry Level)


  • Develop critical competencies in 12 - 18 months
  • Courses delivered both on campus and online
  • Graduate credit earned can apply toward a MS in Telecommunications
  • Interaction with an industry-diverse and global student body

Required Courses (6 Credits)

TLEN 5530: Applied Network Security (3 credits)
TLEN 5540: Network Security Lab (3 credits)

Electives (6 Credits)

TLEN 5410 Network Management & Operations (3 credits)
New TLEN 5839: Secure Web Programming (3 credits)
New TLEN 5xxx: Large Scale Network Analysis (3 credits)
New TLEN 5xxx: Securing Embedded Devices (3 credits)

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