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EMP-RSE Partnership

The Engineering Management Program (EMP) and the School of Environment and Sustainability have joined in a partnership to allow qualified students to earn both an ME in Engineering Management and a Professional Certificate in Renewable and Sustainable Energy by completing ten graduate level courses.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

the School of Environment and Sustainability's professional certificate in renewable and sustainable energy provides an in-depth study of the technologies, policies, and business areas which form the cornerstones of the rapidly growing renewable and sustainable energy industry. View the certificate details

For more information about the RSE certificate contact:

Adam Reed
School of Environment and Sustainability

ME in Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering is an excellent alternative to an MBA for engineers, scientists, and technical professionals who want to move into management. The program facilitates technically minded people to learn and practice data-driven management, develop leadership capabilities, and apply proven principles for business performance improvement.

View the complete list of ME in Engineering Management requirements here.

For more information about the EMP contact:

Kendra Thibeault