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Engineering Entrepreneurship

Is an Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate right for you?
  • Whether you are forming a brand new company, or are part of a larger organization, learn to launch, lead and manage a viable new business 
  • Faculty with expertise who have successfully launched start-ups 
  • Certificate culminates with the "launch" of a new business for a project of your choice, pitched by you to business leaders and investors
  • You have at least one year of professional work experience
Required Courses - Effective Fall 2014 (12 credit hours):

EMEN 5020: Finance and Accounting for Engineers

EMEN 5090: Marketing and Technology Ventures

EMEN 5400: Product Development

EMEN 5825: The New Venture Experience

Required Courses - option for students enrolled prior to Fall 2014 (12 credit hours):

EMEN 5050: Authentic Leadership or EMEN 5020: Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers

EMEN 5090: Marketing and Technology Ventures

EMEN 5710: Applied Business Decisions

EMEN 5825: The New Venture Experience (previously Business Plan Preparation)

The courses taken to earn this certificate may be applied toward the Master of Engineering in Engineering Management. Find out more!