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Graduate Certificates

Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Certificate Credit Hours
Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems 18
Water & Civil Engineering
Certificate Credit Hours
Tunnel Engineering Not for Credit
Water Engineering and Management 12
Electrical Engineering
Certificate Credit Hours
Electric Drivetrain Technology 12
Embedded Systems 9
Power Electronics 9
Engineering Management
Certificate Credit Hours
Engineering Entrepreneurship 12
Engineering Management 12
Leadership and Management 12
Managing Applied Research in Technology 12
Performance Excellence in Technology Management 12
Project Management 9
Quality Systems for Product and Process Engineering 12
Six Sigma Statistical Practitioner 12
Technology Ventures & Product Management 12
School of the Environment and Sustainability
Certificate Credit Hours
Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RSE) 9
Interdisciplinary Telecom
Certificate Credit Hours
Computer and Network Security 12
Network Architecture 12
Telecommunications Policy 12
Wireless Networks and Technologies 12