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Energy Communication Networks

TLEN 5580

Energy Communication Networks


Course number was previously TLEN 5830.

Communication networks are being integrated into the electric energy grid to create "smart grids". The role of smart grids in creating an efficient, extensible, and resilient energy network is the subject of this class. It describes the existing networking technologies and standards such as SCADA and IEC61850 and the upcoming technologies that are being developed. Key issues such as cyber-security, regulatory requirements, and the industry economic framework are discussed. The issues and technologies in this class apply to related industries such as other utilities and petroleum.


  1. What is the smart grid and its role in our energy future?
  2. Elements of the energy grid and the need for communication networks
  3. Energy Transmission: wireless and wired networks
  4. Energy Distribution: SCADA and IEC61850
  5. Advanced Metering Infrastructures: ad hoc wireless networks
  6. Home Area Networks: third party energy managers.
  7. Integrating Renewables
  8. Cyber-Security
  9. Regulatory Framework: FERC, NERC, and PURPA.
  10. NIST Smart Grid Standards Activities.
  11. Industry economics and Grid economic modeling.


The goal of this class it to provide students with the tools to choose and design networking technologies for the smart grid.


TLEN 5310 (Telecom Systems) and TLEN 5330 (Data Communications 1) or equivalent.



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  • Spring

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