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IP Network Design

TLEN 5570

IP Network Design


Implement fundamentals of IP Routing Protocols and apply them directly to design based networking problems and real world scenarios. Design scenarios will incorporate physical and logical design, financial analysis, and laboratory configuration.This course is essential in preparing students to apply their fundamental networking knowledge to the real world they will enter upon graduation. Critical to success in the networking industry is the ability to present potential employers with a 'whole package' candidate. This course allows the student to fine tune skills beyond just core networking knowledge. By immersing students in a role playing scenario involving a consulting team and 'client', participants can practice skills including research, interviewing, technical writing, and oral presentation to name a few. This course challenges the student to take a networking problem, develop and implement a solution, and see it through to completion.


Hierarchical Design Principles IP Addressing and Summarization Where should summarization take place? Strategies for successful addressing Issues and Strategies of Redundancy Hot Standby Router Protocol Network Address Translation Applying the Principles of Network Design OSPF Network Design Nuggets BGP Cores and Network Scalability Juniper Networks Router Configuration


TLEN 5370 IP Routing Protocols


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  • Fall

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Fall 2014 Classroom Only MON
4:50 PM - 7:20 PM
Fall 2013 Classroom Only TUE
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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