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Introduction to Optical Fiber Communications

TLEN 5480

Introduction to Optical Fiber Communications


Lectures, readings, and project in the field of optical communications systems theory and practice. Topics: Optical fiber properties, optical transmitters and receivers, Raman and Erbium optical amplifiers, modulation, optical link design, wavelength division multiplexing optical networks (undersea, long haul, metro, local loop, and LAN). Optical testing with OTDR. Comments on real world issues encountered in building a network and purchasing equipment will be sprinkled throughout the semester. Sames as ECEN 4006.


Introduction Optical Fiber Sources Lasers (Semiconducor) LEDs Detectors p-i-n APD Fiber-based Systems


  • Understand the performance of optical fiber communication systems.
  • Learn how to choose the correct fiber, receiver, and transmitter for your applications.
  • Receive a basic introduction to free space optical links for "the last mile."


To develop an understanding of the basic physical principles of fiber optic telecommunication systems.


TLEN 5310 (Telecommunications Systems).


Senior, Optical Fiber Communications: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition, 2008, Prentice Hall, ISBN 978-0130326812


Web and e-mail access required. Students must be able to read PowerPoint slides, Adobe Acrobat files, and have a spreadsheet program. Students will access course materials using WebCT. Go to for logon information and browser settings.




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  • Fall

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