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Advanced Telecommunications Laboratory 2

TLEN 5462

Advanced Telecommunications Laboratory 2


Presents advanced networking design and implementation techniques through experiments with network measurement equipment, switches, routers, and management interfaces. The course primarily focuses on data center technologies for capacity, scalability and fault tolerance including Multiple Spanning Tree (MST-802.1s), DoS attacks prevention Router Redundancy Protocols (HSRP,VRRP, GLBP), Load Balancing, VMWare networking, QoS (CoS, DSCP), Traffic Shaping and Queuing, MPLS (VPLS, L3 VPN), Traffic Engineering (RSVP). Each experiment focuses on some particular aspect of system management, development, or maintenance. Procedures require the use of actual commercial equipment, services, observation, reporting of behavior, and performance, compared to specified requirements. Along with implementation techniques student will also develop the ability to understand the externalities associated with efficient network design.

An additional 4-6 hours of unscheduled lab time is required.


  • Week 1
    Lecture: Overview of Network Analysis, Architecture and Design
    Lab session: Layer 2 and Layer 3 lab refresher
  • Week 2
    Lecture: LAN: Campus Network Design
    Lab Session: Enterprise LAN Switching Techniques
  • Week 3
    Lecture: LAN: Fault Tolerant Networks 1
    Lab Session: Ethernet resiliency
  • Week 4
    Lecture: LAN: Fault Tolerant Networks 2
    Lab Session: High Availability and Load Balancing Techniques
  • Week 5
    Lecture: VMware networking
    Lab Session: VMware Switching, Nexus 1000v, Multi-homing, NIC bundling, Trunking
  • Week 6
    Lecture: Network Optimization
    Lab Session: LAN QoS
  • Week 7
    Lecture: Congestion Management on Network Components
    Lab Session: Compression, Queuing and Traffic Shaping
  • Week 8
    Lecture: WAN: End to end QoS Solutions
    Lab Session: Intserv, Diffserv, Compression and other link efficiency tools
  • Week 9
    Lecture: Midterm Review Session
    Lab Session: Midterm Practical Examination
  • Week 10
    Lab Session: Midterm Practical Examination
  • Week 11
    Lecture: Layer 2 and 2 ½ Transport technologies
    Lab Session: MPLS TDP
  • Week 12
    Lecture: WAN: Traffic Engineering
    Lab Session: MPLS TE
  • Week 13
    Lecture: WAN: VPN and Tunneling services 1
    Lab Session: MPLS L2 and L3 VPNs, GRE and L2TP
  • Week 14
    Lecture: Final Review Session
    Lab Session: Practice Week
  • Week 15
    Lecture: Final Written Examination
    Lab Session: Final Practical Examination


TLEN 5460 (Telecommunications Laboratory). TLEN 5370 (IP Routing Protocols) recommended.


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VMWare Player, active Internet connection, active email account, Skype account


Not Required


All class materials available via after enrollment

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  • Spring

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