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Data Communications 1

TLEN 5330

Data Communications 1

Fall 2016

Distance / In-Class

Sangtae Ha

THU 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Classroom: ECCS 1B12


Provides a comprehensive technical survey of data and computer communications including wireless, MAN and WAN systems and standards. Covers interfaced, network timing and synchronization, wired and wireless LAN technologies including all aspects of Ethernet, IEEE 802 LANs, packet switching, routing, and internet design.


I - Overview II - Data Communications III - WAN IV - LAN V - Internetwork & Transport Protocols VI - IP Applications


  • Gain a fundamental technical understanding of data communication concepts.
  • Obtain strong insight into the companies and products that support data communication and the Internet and clearly understand the emerging applications of all data communication systems.
  • Learn where the resources are to stay current with Internet technologies and trends.
  • Better understand how computer networks are evolving through trend analyses.
  • Prepare for corporate certification programs such as CISCO.


Students will gain a comprehensive and up-to-date technical survey of data and computer communications starting with the basics and including details about Wireless, MAN, and WAN systems and standards that include T-carrier, SONET, HDLC, Frame Relay, and ATM. Some discussions are given to interfaces, network timing and synchronization, wired LAN and Wireless LAN technologies that are studied include all aspects of Ethernet (passive and active Ether hubs, Fast-Ethers, and Gigabit Ethernet hubs, bridges, and switches), IEEE 802 and non-standard LANs, FDDI, and Fibre Channel. The class will study the basics and current practice of packet switching, routing, and the Internet. A laboratory assignment is given in which the student is presented with protocol, analyzer and sniffer outputs and asked to perform detailed analysis for LAN and Internet trouble-shooting along with two group exercises including a model LAN design project. The class notes greatly augment the contents of the textbook in order to expand on selected topics and to provide current technical materials in this very dynamic and ever-changing industry.


TLEN 5310 (Telecommunications Systems) must be taken previously or concurrently.


Peterson and Davie, Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, 5th ed., ISBN-10: 0123850592


Must have the appropriate hardware and software to access the university e-mail servers and the Internet.

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  • Fall

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Fall 2015 Distance / In-Class Sangtae Ha WED
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Fall 2014 Distance / In-Class Sangtae Ha TUE THU
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Fall 2013 Distance / In-Class TUE THU
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