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Antitrust and Regulation

TLEN 5020

Antitrust and Regulation


The objective of this course is to familiarize you with two of the major instruments of competition policy antitrust and regulation and to enable students to think analytically and critically about the multidisciplinary aspects of competition policy across a variety of industries. We will examine imperfectly competitive market structures, strategic firm conduct such as pricing, output, quality, choice, entry, and market performance.

The course will emphasize the economic-legal concepts that form the basis for antitrust and regulation, the qualitative and quantitative tools that are useful for thinking critically about a wide range of competition issues, across a variety of industries, and using real world applications. Applying these skills to past, present, and prospective issues and problems will be a central focus of the course.

Studies from a variety of industries are used to illustrate concepts, including mergers, collusive agreements, monopolization, and networks. Cases covered include high technology, energy, telecommunications, sports, transportation, agriculture, consumer products, and others.

Individual and group projects help develop advocacy and public speaking skills.

The course consists of four parts that will explore theory, tools, and applications involving antitrust and regulation. Part I examines problems involving horizontal structure (mergers). Part II looks at horizontal practices (e.g., cartels, coordinated interaction, bid rigging). Part III addresses vertical and related market issues (e.g., tying, bundling, and resale price maintenance), and Part IV looks at network issues (e.g., aftermarket issues, predation).

Meets with ECON 4797.


To understand the frontiers of financial analysis for project evaluations. It moves beyond static, present discounted value concepts the more dynamic analysis based on the real options approach, which accounts for uncertainty and for management's ability to change direction.


TLEN 5010 Network Economics 1



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  • Spring

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